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How It Works

Pose-3---A Imagine the confidence and peace of mind you’d feel if you KNEW that you were on a safe, dependable path towards a bright, rock-solid financial future. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could learn exactly how from short, easy-to-understand online videos? You can! Here’s all you do:

1. Explore

The Video Library is your exploration headquarters. Thumbnails for each of the 23 videos are arranged by category. Browse through the titles, get familiar with the categories, and zero in on which videos interest you the most.  Click here to go to the Video Library now.

2. Learn Free

When you see a video title on a subject where you could use some enlightenment – watch it! Almost half of the videos are completely free in their entirety. Watch and learn immediately, no opt-in or e-mail address required. Click here to go to the Video Library now.

3. Learn Some More

Only interested in a few specific areas right now? No problem – buy only the videos you need. First, “try before you buy” by watching the free 3 minute preview. Each complete video is only $5, or $15 for the half-hour WrapUp video. To order a single video, click on that video’s thumbnail in the Video Library. Then click the “Buy This Video” button.

4. Learn It All!

When it comes to your financial future, what you don’t know really can hurt you – so why take a chance? Buy the entire series, and save 35% over the price of buying individually. The complete series is yours for only $49. To buy the complete series, click the button beneath ANY video. Or, click this button now:


How It Doesn’t Work

Here’s what you won’t find at Awesome Financial Future: day trading software, financial products or stock tips. No upsells, no newsletters, no gimmicks. Our ONLY business is trusted, high quality financial education for young adults.