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About Chris Smith

Chris Smith Awesome Financial Future


After earning an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master’s in Finance, Chris Smith began a three-decade career at Hewlett Packard. While at HP, he rapidly rose through the finance ranks to eventually become the senior financial executive for two of HP’s multi-billion dollar global divisions. Chris has always been passionate about giving back by teaching young adults; while at HP he also received an Outstanding Service award for his work as a loaned professor at Florida A&M’s School of Business and Industry.



Upon retiring from HP, Chris tackled the task of teaching his two college-age sons the basics of personal finance – and he saw today’s financial world from a new perspective. He realized that today’s path to financial independence is dramatically different from just a generation ago. Today’s young adults can no longer depend on career-long associations with single (or few) employers or unions, pension plans, a dependably funded Social Security program, or an “automatic” hefty equity just from owning a home.But despite these daunting shifts, Chris realized that a bright financial future is still completely attainable for young adults everywhere – but that it would require a stronger understanding of the fundamentals, and plenty of sound, plainspoken advice on how to wisely and successfully navigate today’s financial world.



That’s when Chris got busy – he wrote Securing Your Financial Future, and created the Awesome Financial Future Video Series.

The book is a comprehensive resource, offering detailed help for the variety of financial situations facing young adults. The video series, which follows the same overall structure as the book, provides solid grounding in all of the financial fundamentals, in convenient, easy-to-understand form. William Bernstein, well-known author of The Four Pillars of Investing, says this information “…will improve both the peace of mind and bottom lines of its recipients, and it may even make them better people.” Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, author of the New York Times bestseller Zero Debt says that it’s “…truly a life-changing gift for anyone seeking long-term financial security.”

Now Chris describes himself as a “man on a mission” to increase the financial IQs of young adults everywhere. He’s made this his mission because of his four core beliefs about the financial prospects for today’s emerging generation.


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Financial Education for Today’s Young Adults:
Chris’ Core Beliefs

  • Before any young adult goes out into the financial world, each and every one of them deserves a solid, understandable explanation of exactly how that financial world works.
  • We as a society have done a remarkably poor job of doing so.
  • The way the financial world works today, this kind of personal finance understanding is more important than ever.
  • If we can solve this problem, and enable our young adults to dramatically improve their financial skills – those young adults would be immensely better off. But they wouldn’t be the only ones! So would their families, their communities, our economy, and our entire country.